Bosom Friends Bradford

Bosom Friends (Bradford)

Notice of Meeting

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the 14th Annual General Meeting of Bosom Friends (Bradford) will be held on Wednesday 20th March 2024 at 7.30pm at The Tyke, Thornton Rd, BD13 3DG. This will be preceded by a buffet at 7pm


1. Annual Report by Chair

2. Secretary

3. Treasurer

4 Social Media

5. Appointment of Charity Trustees – all terms of Office are from this AGM to the next (scheduled March 2025)

               1. To reappoint Barbara Bartle as Chair

               2. To reappoint Sue Depledge as Treasurer

               3. To reappoint Liz Carrington as Secretary

               4. To reappoint Julia Sunderland as Vice Chair

               5. To reappoint Pat Asquith as Trustee

               6. To reappoint Maria Ostick as Trustee

               7. To reappoint Robina Amin as Trustee

               8. To reappoint Karen Shawkins as Trustee

               9. To reappoint Ania Kaminska as Trustee

6. Amendments to the Constitution

To replace the wording in section 3, the Charity’s objectives, paragraph 1 from

‘to provide relief and support to past, present and future breast cancer patients who are, or have been, under treatment within the Bradford Health Authority and who are sick, convalescent, disabled, handicapped, infirmed or in need of financial assistance’ to ‘to provide emotional and financial support to those living with or beyond breast cancer who have been treated by the Bradford/Airedale/Calderdale Breast Services’

Paragraph 3, to replace ‘Bradford Health Authority’ with ‘Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust’

7. Any other Business

By order of the Board of Charity Trustees

Liz Carrington Secretary 7th February 2024

Bosom Friends (Bradford) Charity no. 1134938

Trustees Annual Report 2023

The Charity Commission require that small charities (income between £10,000 – 25,000 per year) submit a financial return within 10 months of the end of the financial year. Although there is no requirement for small charities to have a Trustees Annual Report, we consider it good practise to produce one which:

• Outlines the purposes/objectives of the Charity

• How our activities have achieved these objectives

• Identifies funding sources and how expenditure has supported our key objectives

• States our policy on holding financial reserves

Bosom Friends (Bradford) became a Charity separate from Bradford Cancer Support with the Constitution registered with the Charity Commission in March 2010. There have been no changes made to the Constitution since this time.



• To provide help, support and friendship to women living with and beyond breast cancer

• Provide information and advice about breast cancer treatment and aftercare

• Provide financial assistance to breast cancer patients in need

• Raise funds and receive donations

• Supplement services provided by the hospital by providing facilities and equipment

• Take account of Charity Commission guidance on public benefit

The Committee who manage Bosom Friends, meet on the first Wednesday of each month. Since the lockdown in March 2020, this has been conducted virtually via facetime and this has continued even when restrictions eased, to reduce unnecessary face to face meetings and costly travel. All members of the committee (Trustees) are users of the service so the need to utilise resources effectively whilst being mindful of potential conflicts of interest is paramount.

The Trustees receive no remuneration.

In accordance with the Constitution, new Trustees are appointed by the current ones following the criteria laid down by the Charity Commission. All stand for one year but are eligible for re-election annually.


Annual General Meeting 2023

This took place on 15th March 2023, to report on the previous financial year to December 2021. This took place at The Tyke in Thornton and was attended by 34 people.



The audited accounts for the year ending December 31st 2023 are:

                                                                                     2023           2022

Income                                                   13,455.55           16,588.60

Expenditure                                        12,328.12           16,994.03

Income over expenditure      1,127.43            -405.43

Our largest source of income during the year was as usual, the fashion show. This was another outstanding success and a testament to the hard work of the Trustees, helpers and models who took part. The amount received from online raffles/sales, donations in memory of and collection boxes showed how relatively modest amounts all add up. The £1 subscription collected at the social meetings funds the tea/coffee/biscuits at social meetings.

The charity has financial reserves which mean that we are in a sound position to continue to fulfil our aims despite variations in income. We take a cautious view with regard to these reserves but have in the last year received interest for the current and deposit accounts.



We are always aware of the need to ensure that any expenditure benefits the greatest number of women with breast cancer, whilst fulfilling our stated objectives. To this end we have:

• Held monthly social events during the year, including our popular mystery trip in July, which this year was to a winery in Holmfirth, on a glorious summer evening

• Continued to provide sets of post surgery cushions in pink bags to the Dales Suite for distribution by the Breast Care nurses

• Advertised who we are through the distribution of our postcards and leaflets in the pink packs given in clinic by the Breast Care Nurses

• Made a donation to Cancer Support (Yorkshire) to support the Wellbeing Service and as a contribution to running costs for our use of their premises

• Sent flowers to members needing support after receiving bad news

• Provided grants to individuals referred by the Welfare Service (Cancer Support Yorkshire) as in financial need

• Responded to requests for help/support/information

• Maintained high visibility on social media through educational posts and the sharing of posts from other agencies

• Subsidised the cost of the Xmas party at Raggalds

• Funded the cost of the meal at The Tyke for the AGM in March

• Maintained links with the Bradford University Centre for Cancer Therapeutics to support research and through user feedback

• Purchased a hospital bed for a member, this has now been returned and resold

Applications for grants was less than anticipated given the economic situation caused by the cost of living crisis but we continue to remind the Breast care nurses and Welfare advisors of this opportunity.

We believe we should utilise our resources to provide a direct, positive impact on the lives of our users and are open to new ideas and methods to achieve this


Liz Carrington

Secretary Bosom Friends (Bradford) Registered address: c/o Cancer Support (Yorkshire)

Daisy House Farm

44 Smith Lane

Bradford BD9 6DA 7th February 2024


Report approved by the Trustees

Barbara Bartle (Chair)

Julia Sunderland (Vice Chair)

Sue Depledge (Treasurer)

Robina Amin

Pat Asquith

Maria Ostick

Karen Shawkins

Ania Kaminska


Accounts audited by Craig AN Smith Fellow Chartered Certified Accountants