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Today, we face one of our greatest challenges yet. The coronavirus outbreak represents an unprecedented situation for all of us, but in particular, it will be an extremely difficult and uncertain time for people affected by breast cancer.
We know that so many people will be worried about their risk of infection or about the impact the outbreak may have on their treatment. Whether this affects you or someone you know, we want to reassure you that we are still here and we will do everything we can to support anyone affected by breast cancer in the coming months. Please do remember, we are not medically trained, so any questions about your treatment should be directed to the Breast Team. We can however, ask on your behalf if you can’t get through.

We’ve cancelled all our socials for the foreseeable, but will be raring to go once the social gathering ban has been lifted.

Keep smiling, keep talking, and we’ll get through this uncertain time together.

From all at Bosom Friends 💕
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Unfortunately, we have to cancel our Pamper Evening, and possibly future social events for the foreseeable.
We cannot risk holding a public gathering whilst all the uncertainty of the Coronavirus is rife, especially as some of our ladies will be undertaking treatment and could have reduced immune systems.

We will keep you posted when we feel we can meet again!

Until then - keep smiling, and stay safe 💕
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Just a reminder the AGM this Wednesday (18th) has been postponed until after the Coronavirus.
We will update you when we reschedule.

Thank you
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Unfortunately we are cancelling the AGM scheduled for this Wednesday 18th March.

We have been deliberating it for a while, but the health and safety department at the venue, have made the decision regarding all visitors to the premises.

We will let you know when we rearrange, so keep checking this page and our website where you can find the agenda and annual report.

Please forward this message to anyone you know who was attending, and would you please like this message if you were attending, so we have some awareness you’ve seen it!

Thank you
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Which woman has been the biggest influence in your life?????

International Women's Day (March 8th) is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call to action for accelerating women's equality.

International Women's Day (IWD) has occurred for well over a century, with the first IWD gathering in 1911 supported by over a million people.

#IWD2020 #EachforEqual
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This is doing the rounds again....
Why share a secret ♥️ when you can share public awareness

#breastcancerawarenessThere is, yet again, a facebook game doing the rounds, where you post a single heart on your wall to promote breast cancer prevention......
The person posting the ❤️ usually accompanies this with a private message to their female friends asking them to check their breasts.
Usually something like this.....“Hello, can you put a ❤ on your wall, without comment, only a heart, then send this message to your female contacts. After putting one ❤ on the wall of the person who sent you this message. If anyone asks why you have so many hearts on your wall do not answer. It is for women only to remember it’s the week of breast cancer prevention! ❤ Check your boobies!!”

HOWEVER, Instead of posting hearts on your wall to recognise Breast Cancer prevention, YOU CAN’T PREVENT IT, how about sharing this more practical post about being BREAST AWARE, checking your breasts saves more lives than posting a ❤

Cancer doesn't discriminate, young, old, men, women, get checking those breasts 😘

Don't forget to 'like' our page too

The NHS advises seeing a GP if any new lumps appear, especially if accompanied with the following symptoms.
For women:
– a change in the size or shape of one or both breasts
– discharge from either of your nipples, which may be streaked with blood
– a lump or swelling in either of your armpits
– dimpling on the skin of your breasts
– a rash on or around your nipple
– a change in the appearance of your nipple, such as becoming sunken into your breast

For men:
– If any hard, painless lump appears near your nipples
– If your nipple begins to invert or turn in
– Nipple discharge


Please SHARE💕
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Pinch Punch, 1st of the month.
Time for your monthly breast check!

Whatever your age, size or shape it's important to get to know your 'normal' and be breast aware.

Please share with your pals, Mum, Dad or your neighbour - it's never too early to start checking your breasts. 💕

As a small, independent, registered charity, WE NEED YOUR HELP!
We have been running for over 30 years but still need to get the Bosom Friends name out there - we can’t support those with Breast Cancer if they don’t know we exist!

Our group is 100% run by volunteers who have all had a breast cancer diagnosis themselves. We find this is beneficial as we have a great understanding of others fears and apprehension.

Please like our page, if you haven’t already,
Invite your friends and SHARE our posts. (Please don’t screenshot as we like to promote our group page too)

Even better if you use the ❤️ or 😮 reactions on our posts to help them get seen more.

Thank you 💕
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It’s Pancake Day today!
How do you like yours???

I love lemon and sugar 💕
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We had a lovely evening sewing tonight!
Our Crafty evening consisted of sewing patchwork house squares which will be sewn together to make a quilt!

All the ladies did an incredible job 💕
Huge thank you to Sue for organising this for us!

Next meeting is March 18th, and is our AGM. Please see the event for more details.

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Thought I’d share this poem again - thank you to Laura Ding-Edwards - Rainbird Roots for letting us share her work 💕Saw this poem doing the rounds and asked the author if we could share it....
She agreed!
Thank you Laura, Rainbird Roots - check out her other work or maybe buy a print....

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You never know how someone is feeling. Before you write a comment or speak a word.... think!

Be kind...
Be kind today,
And every day.
To yourself and others.
It makes a difference.

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A full list of our socials this year.

Tea, coffee and chatter are available as always.
We welcome any lady/gent with a breast cancer diagnosis (feel free to bring a friend if new/nervous)

Message for more info 💕Edit - Due to the current events surrounding Covid-19, all socials have been cancelled till further notice.

We will keep you posted

Our social events for 2020

We meet on the 3rd Wednesday of every month at 7pm (unless otherwise stated)
at Cancer Support.

We welcome any member of Bosom Friends going through or living with Breast Cancer.
New members also welcome to join us: please do bring a friend if you are nervous... but I promise, we don’t bite!
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