Bosom Friends (Bradford)

Notice of Meeting

NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the 10th Annual General Meeting of Bosom Friends (Bradford) will be held at Provident Financial plc, No. 1 Godwin Street, Bradford BD1 2SU at 6pm on Wednesday 18th March 2020 to transact the following business


  1. Minutes of the previous meeting

To be agreed and matters arising

  1. Report from the Chair
  2. Financial Report
  3. Social Media Report
  4. Appointment of Charity Trustees – all terms of Office are from this AGM to the next (12 months)
  5. To appoint Barbara Bartle as Chair as a replacement for Pat Asquith who has stood down
  6. To reappoint Sue Depledge as Treasurer
  7. To reappoint Liz Carrington as Secretary
  8. To appoint Julia Sunderland as Vice-Chair
  9. To reappoint Pat Asquith as Trustee
  10. To reappoint Maria Ostick as Trustee
  11. To reappoint Jane Cowlishaw as Trustee
  12. To reappoint Robina Amin as Trustee
  13. To appoint Ania Kaminska as Trustee
  14. To appoint Anisa Kazi as Trustee
  15. To appoint Karren Shaw as Trustee
  16. To appoint Kirsty Hall as Trustee
  17. Alteration to the Constitution

To consider and vote on the following resolutions

  1. That clause 3, paragraph 1 of the Bosom Friends Constitution which states that help is provided to breast cancer patients ‘within the Bradford Health Authority Area’ be amended to ‘within Bradford and the surrounding area’
  2. That clause 3, paragraph 4 of the Constitution which states we supplement the services provided by ‘Bradford Health Authority’ be amended to ‘Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust’
  3. Any other business

To deal with any matters raised at the meeting

By order of the Board of charity Trustees

Liz Carrington                                                                                                                                                              Secretary

4th March 2020


Bosom Friends (Bradford)

Charity no. 1134938

Trustees Annual Report 2019

This report is written to comply with the requirements of the Charity Commission for small charities (income between £10,000 – 25,000 per year) to make available a written report which:

• Outlines the purposes/objectives of the Charity

• How our activities have achieved these objectives

• Identifies funding sources and how expenditure has supported our key objectives

• States our policy on holding financial reserves

Bosom Friends (Bradford) became a Charity separate from Bradford Cancer Support in March 2010.

At the time our stated aims were (in brief)

• To provide help, support and friendship to women living with and beyond breast cancer

• Provide information and advice about breast cancer treatment and aftercare

• Provide financial assistance to breast cancer patients in need

• Raise funds and receive donations

• Supplement services provided by the hospital by providing facilities and equipment

The Committee who run Bosom Friends meet on the first Wednesday of each month. A nursing representative from the Breast Care Team attends every 3-4 months. The Fashion show subcommittee meets from March to November according to need.


The full audited accounts for the year ending December 31st 2019 are:

2019 2018

• Income 18,764.45 27,317.22

• Expenditure 17,497.64 10,627.96

• Excess income over expenditure 1,266.81 16,599.66

As a charity we rely on income from various sources to fund our charitable objectives. We do not define our success in terms of income received, but in the way in which any income received is spent to achieve our ends. Our income in 2019 was significantly less than 2018 which for us, was an unprecedented year in terms of income. At the end of the financial year, we had £1.507 excess income over expenditure with commitments to fund projects which will now be carried over into 2020.

Our major sources of income in 2019 were:

• Ticket sales/raffle/bar takings at the Annual Fashion show in October

• Calendar sales from ‘Friends of Bosom Friends’

• Shipley Bantams (Bfd City Supporters club)

• Keighley Cougars cake sale/bucket collection

• Total Warrior sponsorship

• Online auction of F1 memorabilia

Most of our income comes from Collection boxes, sponsored events, personal donations, donations in lieu of birthday presents, donations in memory of, refreshment sales at the Dales Suite, monthly social subscriptions and raffles and other miscellaneous donations which amount to a significant amount.

Every penny counts and we are grateful for all funds received. With an online facility for adding gift aid, this raises the value of some donations by 20%.

In this financial year, we have been left with a small ‘excess’ of income over expenditure as our spending on meeting our charitable aims has been largely in line with our spending. We accept as a committee that we need to refer constantly to our Charitable aims in order to ensure that our supporters can see that the money is used appropriately. We have an outstanding commitment from 2019, carried forward into 2020 to part fund one specific part of the refurbishment of the Pennine Suite and to fund a new chair for the Chemo Suite.

We also have financial reserves which we need to maintain in the event of some major financial demand on us and so that if our outgoings exceed income that the charity can continue to meet the aims for which it was founded.


We are mindful of the need to ensure that any expenditure benefits the greatest number of women with breast cancer, whilst fulfilling our stated objectives. To this end, in the last financial year we have:

• Organised 12 social meetings with a varied programme of events. Numbers attending have continued to rise and it is pleasing that people who joined us as models are also coming to socials. Meetings are usually cost neutral, with subscriptions covering costs. The mystery trip in July and Xmas social were subsided by Bosom friends

• Produced our 27th Annual Fashion Show in October, our most important event in terms of boosting confidence and moral in our models, but also our biggest fundraising event

• Funded the cost of 2 Breast Care Nurses to undergo nipple tattoo training

• Provided a toiletry set to approximately 200 women whilst on the ward having surgery

• Provided 100 sets of cushions to the Dales Suite for distribution by the breast care nurses

• Purchased large pink paper carrier bags for the cushion sets

• Provided small pink paper carrier bags for the ‘pink packs’ of information given out at various times during treatment

• Match funded a Research Student from the Bradford Uni Centre for Cancer Therapeutics to deliver a paper on secondary breast cancer at a conference

• Continued to supply the consumables for the coffee machine in the Dales Suite

• Advertised our existence through the distribution of our postcards and leaflets

• Made a donation to Cancer Support (Yorkshire) to support the Wellbeing Service and as a contribution to running costs for our use of their premises

• Made a donation to The Haven in Leeds

• Sent flowers to members needing support after receiving bad news and to others as tokens of appreciation

• Provided grants to individuals referred by the Breast Care Team as in financial need

We feel as a committee that this programme of activities has fulfilled the objectives of the Charity, but we are open to suggestions for ways in which funds can be used to further our aims.

Media coverage

Our visibility as a group continues to be raised by our presence on social media and this has resulted both in an increase in membership and also offers to raise funds for us.

In January 2019 our Chair, Pat Asquith was interviewed on BBC Radio Leeds about breast cancer support services and spoke uninterrupted about Bosom Friends.

Liz Carrington

Secretary Bosom Friends (Bradford)

Registered address: Cancer Support (Yorkshire)

Daisy House Farm

44 Smith Lane



4th March 2020



Report approved by:

Pat Asquith, Barbara Bartle, Sue Depledge, Jane Cowlishaw, Robina Amin, Julia Sunderland


Trustees not present to approve: Maria Ostick